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We are greekook, the alternative street food choice with an ethnic spin. We kook simple but authentically tasty Greek food using our traditional recipes coupled with locally sourced ingredients. Mainland and islandic Greece food culture is remarkable and includes all the Mediterranean’s nutritional benefits.

We were not borne cooks but our culinary skills evolved as part of our strong gastronomic culture in Greece and we have been kooking since ages in our daily family life. We just had to bring together our food passion and kooking experience to deliver in a larger scale. That is how Greekook was conceived.

Beautiful things in life are simple and Greekook loves to keep things as simplest possible.


We just love participating in Festivals! Quality food is such a vital resource for a successful festival where a lot of people, that share a common interest, are gathering for leisure. In a single word all the above description is what ancient Greeks defined as a “symposion” (symposium).

greekook will be participating in Food, Music, Arts and Seasonal/Harvest festivals in various locations in UK.

Find out here about our next scheduled festival near your area.

Markets are the heart and soul of street food world boosting and supporting local economy and producers. Whether traditional stalls or the new breed of street-food events these local markets offer tasty treats and greekook with its traditional and authentic Greek taste will be there! greekook will be participating in Food, Artisan and Local Markets in various areas. Find out in which markets we will be present this year here

Events – private or corporate – are the spice of our social life. Whether it’s a garden BBQ with your closest family and friends, a birthday celebration, an engagement party and a special occasion or a corporate event you want to organize for your clients/employees…. we’ve got you covered!

greekook will offer tailored made gastronomic solutions to suit your event’s needs.

We are now available for hire to cook at your next private or corporate event. Click here for a free quote.